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Your website is a living breathing performance. As such, it’s my passion to help you better understand everything that goes on with this performance.

Simply put, a better performance means more traffic, more sales, and a stronger brand.

Meet the Founder

Alphonso Sanchez

Hey! My name’s Alphonso and I got my start in digital marketing back in 2007 as a way to make extra money as a freshman in college. What started as a little hobby soon transformed into a secret obsession.

Since then, I’ve created high-converting marketing campaigns for both B2B and B2C industries.

My process is simple – do more research and gather more insight than any of the other competitors and win. Through an in-depth, grounded theory approach, I ensure that every campaign is backed by data and what’s proven to work. This ensures that every marketing dollar is spent as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Competitive research, however, is just the start.

It’s the process of crafting compelling campaigns that resonate with your audience (and sparks action) that I’m most passionate about.

And it’s here at Web Enlighten where I aim to share absolutely everything I’ve discovered.


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Let's Enlighten Your Online Performance

My goal is simply to fine-tune your marketing message, find the hidden desires and needs that will strengthen response, and use them to create intense, high impact marketing campaigns that convert.

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