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Enlighten Your Online Marketing

Your business likely has dozens of hidden, unutilized marketing assets – both on your website and off. Let’s tap into these gems and grow your sales online.

Discover Your True Web Potential

My name’s Alphonso and it’s my goal to take your small businesses’ online marketing to an entirely new level of performance.  You know, one that not gets you more customers and revenue, but also builds a loyal fan base.

The first step? Finding the gold hidden in your own backyard.

Your Web Design

‘Pretty’ and ‘Cool’ aside, is your web design actually moving visitors closer to action?

Your Sales Funnel

Are your web pages converting well – or leaking out dozens of would-be customers?

Your Words

Are your words resonating with visitors or leaving them confused and uninterested?

All three of these combine together to create a vivid online performance. How’s your performance doing?

Find out how you can improve it to generate more customers, more sales, and increased customer satisfaction with a free 30 minute digital discovery consultation.

The Discovery Process

With the Free Digital Discovery Consultation you’ll be given a step-by-step blueprint for having a profitable website that rakes in extra leads and more business for you… on auto-pilot.

Step 1: Tribal Edge Optimization

Competitive Research

Data Setup and Interpretation

Brand Discovery

Step 2: Activity Integration

Conversion Optimization

SEO and Social Optimization

Email and Salesfunnel Adjustments

Step 3: Lead Elevation

Craft Effective Lead Magnets and Sales Funnels

Develop and Execute Powerful Email Campaigns

Utilize In-Depth Behavior Targeting

Step 4: Acquisition Ignition

Content Marketing and SEO

Paid Advertising (PPC and Display)

Lead Gen Outreach Campaigns

Learn more about our unique, proven four-step process here.

Free Digital Discovery Consultation

Find out how you can dominate your competition online, boost profits, and build strong relationships with your existing customers.

Get started now with our free digital discovery consultation.

Discovery June 12, 2012

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